Cast Bronze Dedication & Memorial Plaques


Why choose cast plaques?   Your message lasts a lifetime.   Raised plaque surfaces are polished natural bronze.

Bronze Plaque Plate Cast Holly Bronze Plaque

Aluminum is a great alternative if you want the durability of bronze, but put the emphasis on economy.
Cast Plaque Aluminum

  • Cast Plaque Awards & EmblemsRaised letters, emblems, logos and borders are machine ground natural aluminum finish
  • Unaffected by age or weather.
  • Choose from our stock colors for a backgrounds

These colorful low-cost dedications and memorials plaques are cast to last a lifetime.

  • All plaques are cast and have textured enamel background.
  • Letters and borders are raised.
  • Our plaques are a full 1/4 inch thick.
  • Plaques come with screws and anchors.  Plaque holes are pre-drilled for your convenience.  Hanging template included to make hanging your plaque easy.

Bronze Photo Dedication Plaque AwardCast 2D Bronze Photo Memorial PlaqueCast Bronze Dedication PlaqueCast Bronze Dedication Plaque with Logo

Cast Bronze Letters / SignsWhat Can You Do With Bronze?

  • Bronze Letters
  • Award Plaques
  • Cemetery Markers
  • Dedication Plaques /Markers
  • Nameplates/Deskplates
  • Address Plates
  • Flower Garden/Tree Donor Plaques
  • Mailbox Plates
  • Emblems
  • Street Signs
  • Donor Walls

We are only limited by your imagination!

Aluminum Cast City Logo PlaqueAluminum Cast Insignia PlaqueAluminum Cast Insignia PlaqueBronze Stock Address Sign PlaqueAluminum Address Sign Plaque Bronze Stock Mailbox Plate Plaque
Call, email or fax for pricing.   We will work with you to create your perfect piece!


Plaque options below open a link to an Acrobat Reader Format file.

If you are unable to open the linked pages,  you can download Acrobat Reader here.   It’s FREE! Acrobat Reader FreeStock Dividers &Deco Lines (pdf)
Stock Deco Borders(pdf)
Plaque mounting types , flat mounting(pdf)
Stake Mounts (pdf)
Mounting types , to posts(pdf)
Stock logos (pdf)

Historical Plaque Refinishing

Over the years we’ve seen older historical markers/plaques  exposed to the elements that are in need of refurbishing.  We can bring that marker/plaque back to life and make it look like new.  Repairs to markers/plaques due to vandalism (such as gunshot marks) can also be done.

Call or email for your quote 636-441-4811  or  800-965-6011

Before and After Photos of Refinished Markers/Plaques

Bronze Plaque before being refinished Bronze Plaque after Lincoln Cast Bronze Bust - before Cast Lincoln bronze Bust - after

 Photo Metal Plaques for Outdoor Use

The ultimate plaque for outdoor use is cast aluminum or bronze.  Where excessive amounts of copy, limited space, or economy are required, an applicable alternative would be the combination of cast aluminum with photo metal inscription.

Photo metal is anodized aluminum with resistance to abrasion, chemicals, and high temperatures and offers extensive outdoor life in the harshest environments.  Plaques are 4” x 6” with a 3” x 5”  imprint area.

Photo Metal Plate FramedAluminum Photo Metal Framed Plaque

Copy is available in black lettering on silver background or silver lettering on background.  All plaques have lacquer coating.  Stakes available for  ground mounting.





Photo metal plates can be incorporated into cast plaques for a unique memorial or dedication.

Cased Photo Metal Combo Plaque Photo Metal Casted Aluminum Plaque

Ghost Imaging

Casted Bronze Memorial Plaques

Ghost Imaging.  A unique kind of plaque that is creative, but not too busy.

A custom logo of your choice is ghosted in the background of your plaque and the text is cast over the background image to give your plaque a three dimensional look.  These plaques make great military and city service memorials or dedications

Keep in mind that the background image is not highly detailed –given the name ghost.

The finished product will look best when the background art is simple with heavy lines.

The finishes available for this process are Aluminum with Antique Gold, Antique Copper and Pewter or Bronze with Antique finish.  Holly Bronze can be added to Antique Copper or Antique Gold only.

Aluminum Cast Pewter PlaqueCast Antique Bronze PlaqueCast Aluminum Antique Gold PlaqueCast Holly Bronze Antique Gold Plaque

           Aluminum Pewter                        Antique Bronze                          Aluminum Antique Gold            Holy Bronze Antique Gold

Cast Aluminum Antique Copper PlaqueCast Holy Bronze Antique Copper Plaque

Aluminum Antique Copper and Holy Bronze Antique Copper


Donor /Recognition Walls

Let us help you create your custom donor/recognition wall!

Custom Donor Tree Recognition WallCustom Casted Bronze Recognition Wall